Founded by Tropicalia in 2008, with the aim of building a sustainable tourism destination with the local community, Fundación Tropicalia is a non-profit organization that designs and implements community development programs in the local town of Miches and supports the economic diversification, environmental protection, cultural identity and education of its people.

Over the years, Fundación Tropicalia has drawn its strength from its partners and its deep-rooted relationship with the community to help build and execute innovative and high-impact initiatives in agriculture, gender equality, education, entrepreneurship and microfinance.  

Fundación Tropicalia impacted the lives of 3,323 beneficiaries (66% female, 34% male), by successfully rolling-out six programs in 2020.

When the COVID-19 pandemic grabbed hold of the Dominican Republic, our landscape had drastically shifted. As a foundation, we’ve always engaged deeply with our community – visiting schools, gathering and convening people was essential to our work. Social distancing and biosafety forced us to reassess the way we implement our programs, and prioritize the health of our staff and community first and foremost. What follows is an executive summary of our 2020 milestones.

Fundación Tropicalia 2020 Highlights