Tropicalia is a sustainable luxury master-planned community created by Cisneros Real Estate, offering sophisticated architecture in a  site of diverse natural beauty in northeast Dominican Republic. Comprising residential and resort developments and a Tom Doak golf course, Tropicalia merges smart design with natural landscape, creating a sense of harmony between time and space. The project embodies the philanthropic and cultural values of the Cisneros Family, and is uniquely positioned to be a model for sustainable luxury in the Caribbean and the world.

Four Seasons Tropicalia

Located on a half-mile stretch of beachfront in Costa Esmeralda, the Four Seasons Dominican Republic at Tropicalia (FST) is a luxury resort experience with a hotel and residential offering designed by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld. Amenities feature specialty restaurants, a world-class spa, meeting and event spaces, a kids’ club, and fitness center. 

The Project boasts a tropical modern design, seamlessly combining indoor and outdoor living while incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and verdure. Efforts for the redesigned program focused on creating safe and tech-savvy multi-generational spaces that allow for living, working, and playing.

Management and Governance Mechanisms

Environmental & Social Management System

In an effort to ensure we report and measure material topics to Tropicalia, we rely on our Environmental and Social Management System, which prompts us to analyze issues in sustainable destination and stakeholder management, community development, biodiversity and other key topic areas.

Labor and Human Rights

In 2010, we committed to the United Nations Global Compact’s universal principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Our commitment to the protection of human and labor rights prevails as a fundamental element for creating a healthy workplace.

Sustainability Committee

Tropicalia’s Sustainability Committee is a cross-functional team that meets annually to discuss strategy, report progress and define goals for the upcoming year. Our committee is the highest governing body for reviewing environmental and social issues for Tropicalia. The diversity of our Committee members brings strength to this corporate governance body.


By way of active stakeholder engagement, Tropicalia builds trust with the local community by initiating public consultation processes and disclosures regarding project impacts. Through a transparent and timely supply of information we give and receive critical information that allows for fluid communication with the people most impacted by our activities.


The challenges posed by the global pandemic tested our business and proved that our sustainability strategy is the best line of defense when navigating social, environmental and economic externalities.

We leveraged 2020 to reflect upon our project concept and propose modifications to the design to fully tailor to the demands of future travelers and the second home-owner.

Tropicalia protects and conserves the natural environment and relies on its biodiversity and environmental management plans, as well as its participation in PROMICHES to pursue sustainable site development and destination management.

The community development efforts undertaken by Fundación Tropicalia (FT) since 2008, are a key component of Tropicalia’s goal in building local capacity and expanding economic opportunities while preserving the region’s natural and cultural heritage.