Tropicalia is located in the community of Miches of El Seibo province on the southern shores of the Samaná Bay, a world-renowned Marine Mammal Sanctuary, where 2,000 humpback whales migrate annually to calve and mate in its warm waters. Miches boasts a diverse ecosystem of beaches, mountains, mangroves, forests, lagoons, and rivers. The area is well-known for its unique natural beauty, including the stunning beaches of Costa Esmeralda and Playa Arriba, the towering Cordillera Oriental, and tropical prairie landscapes.


As an emerging tourist destination, the community of Miches will face many challenges and take-on new opportunities as new hotel developments establish themselves in the region. Like any popular tourism destination, Miches’ biggest challenge will be striking the balance between economic growth and resource management.  

Tropicalia and Fundación Tropicalia work hard to support the balanced development of the region, where tourism flourishes in a continual, progressive, and responsible manner. Though Miches’ main economic activities include subsistence farming, cattle-raising, artisanal fishing, and micro-business services, tourism activities will be the main economic driver in the years to come.


Tropicalia continued participating  in the El Seibo-Miches Association of Hotels and Restaurants (PROMICHES), a non-governmental organization that unifies the tourism business community in support of sustainable destination management in the Municipality of Miches and the El Seibo province. 

PROMICHES seeks to differentiate and position Miches as an emerging and sustainable tourist destination; promote and support innovation and local business development; and protect and enhance the environmental and cultural diversity of the region.   

In 2020, PROMICHES identified five priorities in support of responsible destination management: i) improve road conditions and access to tourism investments; ii) design and develop efficient municipal water management, iii) and waste management and collection systems; iv) establish and implement consistent ordinance and urban planning criteria; v) and increase security in the area. 

PROMICHES presented this strategy to the newly elected government officials, seeking support for establishing public-private partnerships that can bring this ambitious agenda to fruition.